AM-200 Cairn Terrier

Introduce an impressive digital artwork depicting a Cairn Terrier, made in a mixed-technique illustration. This portrait of a petite subject is executed with an airbrush technique, featuring superb detail and hues. The Cairn Terrier's jagged coat is excellently portrayed in contrast to a plain background.
Resolution: 8192x8192. Ratio 1:1
SKU: AM-200

Introducing a stunning digital painting of a Cairn Terrier, created in a mixed media style illustration.

This portrait of a small character is done in an airbrush style with beautiful detail and color.
The spiky fur of the Cairn Terrier is captured perfectly against a white background.
This digital art piece is inspired by Scotland and is a must-have for any dog lover.
The watercolor effect adds an extra touch of beauty to this digital painting.

Add this piece to your collection and bring a piece of Scotland into your home.

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