AM-540 Scottish Terrier

This digital illustration depicts a close-up, side profile of a Scottish Terrier, in a highly detailed and sharp style, using airbrush techniques. The black dog is portrayed with a menacing look and is set against a white background. The image evokes the Highlands of Scotland and would be perfect for dog and Scotland enthusiasts.
SKU: AM-540

This digital art illustration is a highly detailed, sharp high-detail illustration of a Scottish Terrier's face in a close-up, side profile painted portrait.

Set against a white background, the Scottish Terrier is painted black and is posed in profile, with a menacing look.
The illustration is created using airbrush techniques and captures the luminescence of the Scottish Terrier's coat, adding depth and dimension to the image.
The Highlands of Scotland are evoked through the use of color and the dog's profile, creating a sense of place and adding to the overall atmosphere of the illustration.

This is a perfect piece for dog lovers, Scotland enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates highly detailed, digital art.

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