LM-002 Dreamy landscape

A sunset over a mountainous valley, created using the technique of matte painting, excellently depicts the wonder of the golden hour. The body of water in the foreground displays the fiery orange and pink tones of the sunset, while the rugged mountains in the background are covered in a mossy terrain.
Resolution: 5120x7680. Ratio 2:3
SKU: LM-002

This matte painting of a sunset over a mountain valley captures the magic of golden hour in a breathtaking way.
The body of water in the foreground reflects the fiery orange and pink hues of the setting sun, while the rugged mountains rise up in the background, adorned with a mossy landscape.

This stunning piece is the perfect addition to any room, bringing a sense of peace and serenity to your space.
Hang it on your wall and let it transport you to a tranquil world every time you look at it.

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