FC-002 Mighty goblin

This product features a full-color illustration of a cute little goblin cartoon character holding a sword with an intimidating expression. The illustration is a full-body shot of the goblin, showing intricate details in the character's design. The sword is depicted in intricate detail, complete with a textured handle and sharp blade. The goblin is depicted with an adorable, yet menacing, look that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who sees it.
Resolution: 8192x8192. Ratio 1:1
SKU: FC-002

This captivating illustration depicts a charismatic and cute goblin character who is gripping a sword with tenacity. The illustration is a full-body view that highlights the delicate details of the goblin's appearance, including his features and clothing. The sword is intricately crafted, featuring a textured handle and a sharp blade that glitters in the light.

The illustration style is steeped in the fantasy art tradition and is sure to appeal to fans of this genre. The goblin is portrayed with an appealing yet formidable expression that is bound to draw the attention of all who lay their eyes upon it. The use of a full spectrum of colors imbues the illustration with vitality and liveliness, bringing the goblin to life in a mesmerizing manner.

This illustration is the perfect addition for those who are passionate about fantasy art, goblins, and charming little trolls. It will bring a touch of magic to any collection, with its delicate details and use of vivid hues. The illustration can be displayed in one's domicile, workplace, or any other location where a touch of fantasy is desired in the decor. The formidable expression of the goblin only adds to the allure of the piece, making it a memorable addition to any collection.

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