IA-003 Bird on Manuka Tree

This Fauna and Flora photorealistic painting offers sublime magic realism with exquisite detailing. The oil-on-canvas, black Rococo motif features a proud bird perched on a branch of a Manuka tree, with flowers and berries bursting against a dark vignette. The artwork's otherworldly atmosphere offers an enchanting fantasy art vibe that transports viewers to a stunning nature-filled realm. Perfect as wall decor, this unique piece adds an elegant touch and realistic portrayal of nature in any living or office space.
Resolution: 8192x12288. Ratio 2:3
SKU: IA-003

This exquisite Fauna and Flora photorealistic painting captures the beauty and essence of nature with a mesmerizingly detailed portrayal of a proud bird perched atop a branch of a Manuka tree. The artist has skillfully crafted this masterpiece using oil on canvas, which enhances the vividness and richness of the colors, bringing to life the enchanting black Rococo accents that adorn the motif.

The artwork's sublime magic realism style is nothing less than awe-inspiring, conveying an otherworldly atmosphere that transports viewers to a realm of fantasy art. Every element within the piece is meticulously depicted, from the tree branch bursting with flowers and berries to the intricate shadows cast by the piece's dark vignette.

The prideful bird stands out against the background of the black Rococo theme, displaying its majestic wingspan and feathers in detail. Its piercing gaze captures the viewer's attention as if it were about to take flight at any moment. All aspects blend in perfect harmony, creating a realistic and captivating effect.

This oil-on-canvas painting is a one-of-a-kind wall decor item, which adds an elegant touch to living spaces, offices, or dining rooms. Display it prominently, and let this detailed masterpiece enchant your guests with its stunning realism and breathtaking portrayal of fauna and flora.

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