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This ultrafine and highly detailed painting depicts a fairy princess with flowers on her head, resembling the elven queen Galadriel. The petite girl exudes affability, and is the goddess of autumn. The expertly crafted artwork captures the enchanting beauty of the fairy world, making it a must-have for anyone who loves art, fairy tales, or wants to add a magical touch to their home decor. With exquisite attention to detail, this painting will transport you to a world of fantasy and wonder, where anything is possible.
Resolution: 5455x8182. Ratio 2:3
€4.95 €9.95
The fairy princess's very detailed and beautiful face has been meticulously crafted with highly detailed muted colors, giving her a captivating look that will leave you in awe. The autumn-inspired color palette brings a sense of warmth and comfort, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home. Whether you're a little girl who loves fairy tales or a teenage girl who is into multi-layered artwork, this painting is sure to be a favorite.
Resolution: 3840x5760. Ratio 2:3
€4.95 €9.95