My First Endeavors in the World of AI: Exploring the Power of ChatGPT and MidJourney

In the latter part of 2022, my curiosity was ignited by the realm of generative imagery, where the artistry of words merged with the visual enchantment created by Stable Diffusion and MidJourney. However, during that time, the images produced were far from optimal, plagued by distorted faces and the presence or absence of limbs, a common occurrence. As the year transitioned to 2023, ChatGPT emerged into the limelight, capturing widespread attention with its thrilling advancements in the field. Intrigued, I delved into the exploration of ChatGPT and MidJourney, seeking a fitting application that would allow me to truly appreciate the capabilities and limitations of these tools. Drawing on my past experience with nopCommerce as an e-commerce platform, an idea started to take shape—an innovative webshop where I could offer for sale the mesmerizing images I had generated with the assistance of MidJourney. To craft captivating product descriptions, I would harness the power of ChatGPT. With the arrival of January 1st, 2023, I secured the domain and embarked on populating my new webshop with these extraordinary generative images.

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Embarking on the Journey of Text-to-Image

The world of text-to-image tools, exemplified by the marvels of Stable Diffusion and MidJourney, bridges the gap between language and visual artistry. By employing sophisticated algorithms and deep learning techniques, these tools bring textual prompts to life, transforming them into breathtaking and lifelike images.

The applications of text-to-image tools in the realm of image generation are diverse. Artists and designers can draw inspiration from these tools, converting their imaginative concepts into visually captivating masterpieces without the need for manual sketching or extensive digital manipulation.

Moreover, text-to-image tools serve as catalysts for exploration and experimentation, enabling creators and researchers to venture into uncharted territories, breaking free from traditional art forms and challenging conventional notions of reality. In doing so, they offer fresh perspectives to both creators and consumers.

My artistic journey commenced with Stable Diffusion, an image generation tool that initially yielded mixed results. While it excelled at generating images without human subjects, it struggled with the intricacies of the human form, resulting in distorted features and anatomical abnormalities that detracted from its aesthetic appeal.

Amidst this creative conundrum, MidJourney emerged as a revelation. Leveraging the capabilities of the Discord app, this innovative tool offered refined algorithms and methodologies, promising to address the lingering issues. Although facial distortions and misshapen appendages persisted, the overall quality of the generated images showed significant improvement, prompting me to wholeheartedly embrace MidJourney. Convinced of its potential, I subscribed to its services, willingly paying a modest monthly fee for the captivating results it produced.

To overcome the challenge of facial imperfections, I turned to GFPGAN, a specialized tool for restoring real-world facial features. Its intervention rectified the distorted countenances, unveiling the true beauty beneath the surface. Additionally, Real-ESRGAN, an extraordinary algorithm designed for image and video restoration and augmentation, breathed new life into my compositions. This transformative power allowed me to rectify and enhance the images, endowing them with an unmatched allure that resonated with discerning viewers.

In late April, the release of MidJourney's fifth iteration marked a momentous breakthrough, addressing the persistent issues of distorted faces, extraneous limbs, and disproportionate features. This instilled a newfound optimism in my creative pursuits, propelling me towards even greater artistic achievements.

Simultaneously, the journey with Stable Diffusion remained dynamic, witnessing progress and evolution. Unfortunately, time constraints prevented me from fully exploring these remarkable advancements, leaving me yearning for further exploration.

This intricate tapestry of my artistic odyssey has been woven with the interplay of these exceptional tools, each offering unique capabilities and merits. As I strive to transcend the limitations of pixels, my unwavering commitment to crafting a digital realm radiating beauty, innovation, and boundless imagination is fortified by the ever-evolving landscape of image generation.

Close-up of a beautiful young female with long hair - MidJourney v4 Close-up of a beautiful young female with long hair - MidJourney v5

Utilizing ChatGPT for Product Descriptions

ChatGPT stands as a paragon of cutting-edge natural language processing technology, renowned for its extraordinary aptitude in generating text endowed with unparalleled coherence and eloquence. Developed by OpenAI, this state-of-the-art language model has been meticulously trained on an extensive corpus of diverse textual data, enabling it to glean the intricate patterns and structures woven into human language. Through this rigorous training regimen, ChatGPT has attained a profound comprehension of syntax, semantics, and contextual subtleties, empowering it to produce text that bears an astonishing resemblance to that of a human author.

The potential applications of ChatGPT are manifold, with one particularly noteworthy domain being text generation. By furnishing ChatGPT with a prompt or an initiating sentence, one can unlock its creative potential, allowing it to forge a seamless stream of text that is both coherent and contextually apt. Whether one seeks to craft essays, compose poems, generate product descriptions, or even engage in interactive conversations, ChatGPT exhibits an exceptional ability to yield text of the utmost quality.

Within the context of our webshop endeavor, ChatGPT serves as an invaluable asset for fabricating captivating and enticing product descriptions. By relinquishing the arduous task of manual composition, which is often time-consuming and labor-intensive, we harness the prowess of ChatGPT to automatically generate opulent and enticing textual content. Armed with essential product details such as features, benefits, and unique selling points, we prompt ChatGPT to interweave a beguiling narrative that enthralls potential customers, deftly capturing the essence of each individual product.

Given the inherent disparity between the initial prompt employed in the image creation process and the resultant image itself, an additional AI tool became indispensable to procure a comprehensive depiction of the visual artwork. This descriptive portrayal, when combined with the original prompt, forms the input for ChatGPT, facilitating the generation of eloquent product descriptions, concise summaries, and meticulously crafted meta tags.

To accomplish this, I devised a streamlined C# WinForm application. This application seamlessly presents the image alongside its corresponding descriptions, affording me the opportunity to refine the narrative to perfection before submitting it to ChatGPT through its esteemed paid API access. The outcome, comprising the diligently crafted product descriptions, captivating summaries, and thoughtfully tailored meta tags, is meticulously recorded and preserved in a freshly minted CSV file, scrupulously organized for subsequent upload to my webshop. This harmonious integration ensures that the newly crafted images find their rightful place as alluring products, accompanied by engaging and purposeful textual components that augment their allure.

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Crafting Tools with the Aid of ChatGPT

I devised a myriad of tools, each meticulously fashioned to elevate the webshop's prowess and facilitate the seamless flow of my work. In order to showcase the sheer versatility of ChatGPT's API, I deftly harnessed its capabilities in tandem with C# and WinForms, culminating in a truly exemplary demonstration. This undertaking, while not excessively intricate, provided a mere glimpse into the vast possibilities that lie within the realm of ChatGPT.

Driven by an insatiable thirst to augment the already impressive capabilities of nopCommerce, I embarked on the creation of a bespoke plug-in. Its purpose was to generate an all-encompassing PDF document, meticulously curating captivating images harmoniously entwined with their accompanying descriptions, URLs, and corresponding prices. Additionally, I endeavored to incorporate the ingenuity of a QR code, ingeniously linked to the respective URL. This meticulously crafted document was destined to be shared exclusively with prospective bulk buyers, affording them an immersive experience like no other.

Seeking guidance to navigate this endeavor, I turned to ChatGPT, a wellspring of invaluable assistance. Engaging in a collaborative exchange, involving multiple iterations, ChatGPT adeptly illuminated the essential files required for creation, imparted the steps necessary for crafting an administrative menu button, and conveyed the knowledge needed to construct the desired PDF document. Although I couldn't employ the copied and pasted code directly, the invaluable insights proffered by ChatGPT empowered me to swiftly forge the plug-in within a few fleeting hours.

In addition to this remarkable undertaking, I undertook the development of another nopCommerce plug-in, one meticulously designed to execute periodic functions. In this arduous quest, too, ChatGPT proved to be an indispensable companion, bestowing its guidance and expertise, ensuring seamless integration with the webshop's dynamic framework.

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Challenges and Future Directions

Throughout this ambitious undertaking, I encountered numerous formidable challenges that tested the depths of my knowledge and ingenuity. Some were surmounted through an ever-deepening understanding of the available AI tools, coupled with a sharpening ability to compose prompts that materialized my envisioned images. However, the majority of hurdles were conquered by the extraordinary advancements forged by the AI tools themselves, even within the ephemeral span of a mere few months. The strides achieved by MidJourney, culminating in the emergence of exquisitely crafted human subjects, proved to be an invaluable asset, expediting the process with remarkable efficiency. Likewise, the relentless progress of ChatGPT contributed to the refinement of the product descriptions, lending them a newfound eloquence and allure.

Yet, a significant challenge looms before me, one that stubbornly persists despite my endeavors—the stringent filtering system enforced by MidJourney. As a company rooted in the United States, they vigilantly employ a rigorous filter to obstruct any prompts bearing even the faintest trace of potential sexual content. Hence, not only must one concoct a captivating prompt, but one must also deftly navigate the intricate labyrinth of their meticulous filtering mechanism. Alas, MidJourney invests substantial time and effort into fortifying this filter, resulting in prompts that may have succeeded a mere week earlier being summarily disallowed due to the addition of a single word to their ever-expanding proscribed list.

For instance, an evocative prompt, "Create a female pirate on an old ship with an open chest with gold at her feet" endured an extended banishment, only to be reinstated after an inundation of user complaints. According to the discerning eyes at MidJourney, the term "open chest" bore an unfortunate connotation. As a European, I find these episodes mildly amusing, though occasionally they veer into the realm of frustration.

Although a multitude of images still awaits optimization and uploading onto the webshop, it has already been unveiled to the discerning public for several weeks. Regrettably, no direct purchases have been made through this digital emporium thus far. However, we have deftly capitalized on the allure of these captivating images by immortalizing them on canvases, adorning them on fashionable t-shirts, and creating alluring Diamond Painting kits. These alternative avenues, including our secondary webshop and our participation in fairs and trade shows, have proven to be resounding successes, amassing a significant number of sales and fostering admiration from our patrons.

Looking forward, my aspiration lies in the continuous refinement and streamlining of my current workflow, for the arduous process of transforming a mere prompt into a tangible product within the webshop still necessitates a substantial amount of manual intervention. Moreover, I harbor the hope of attracting a greater influx of visitors to my digital emporium, igniting their fascination and luring them into the enchanting realm I have crafted. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that the discourse surrounding the utilization of copyrighted data within the trained models of AI tools, such as MidJourney and ChatGPT, may reverberate within the halls of my webshop, casting shadows of uncertainty. Legislative initiatives are currently afoot within the European Union, potentially casting ripples that could impact the course of my endeavors.

Additionally, I am fervently driven to continue bestowing joy upon individuals through the ethereal medium of canvas prints and mesmerizing Diamond Painting kits, all birthed from the creative depths of my generative art images. Furthermore, from a broader perspective, I foresee an impending evolution in the process of crafting product descriptions, with AI tools such as ChatGPT increasingly assuming the mantle of this task. In its entirety, my being is brimming with unabated enthusiasm for the imminent future, which shall undoubtedly be molded by the relentless march of current AI tools and the untapped reservoirs of potential residing within the realm of forthcoming innovations.

Female pirate on an old ship with an open chest Beautiful blonde woman smiling with blond hair


In this blog post, I delved into my artistic journey where I ventured into the world of text-to-image tools, focusing on Stable Diffusion and MidJourney. This blog post showcases the creation of a captivating webshop, offering stunning generative images made possible by the power of MidJourney and engaging product descriptions automatically generated by ChatGPT. Throughout the article, I shed light on the challenges faced in image generation, including distorted faces and anatomical abnormalities, as well as the impressive improvements achieved through MidJourney's evolution. The integration of ChatGPT saves time and effort, producing captivating product descriptions effortlessly.

Additionally, I discussed the development of custom tools, such as a plug-in for generating PDF documents and incorporating QR codes for bulk buyers, while touching upon the challenges posed by filtering systems and potential legislative impacts. Although the webshop didn't generate direct purchases, alternative avenues like canvas prints and Diamond Painting kits have proven successful.

Looking ahead, I am excited to refine the workflow, attract more visitors, and explore the evolving role of AI tools in both product descriptions and generative art. I encourage readers to incorporate AI into their own projects and join me in anticipating the possibilities of future AI innovations.

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